【Podcast “Not Just Feminism”】

Season 2

  • EP00 | Why do we need feminism?
  • EP01 | Predicaments facing #MeToo sexual assault victims
  • EP02 | Is healing possible? Political trauma and transformative justice
  • EP03 | Is there a “right” way to parent? Parenting disabled children
  • EP04 | New relationships between genders? Artificial reproduction and multiple birth
  • EP05 | Why is space gendered? Gender inclusive restrooms
  • EP06 | A feminist perspective on the Radio Company of America health effect studies
  • EP07 | A perfect lover made to order? Online dating and digital intimate relationships
  • EP08 | Underclass women: A history of sex work in Taiwan
  • EP09 | Islamic veil: Indonesian Hakka Chinese becoming Muslim
  • EP10 | The development of Taiwan’s gender education
  • EP11 | 21st century Taiwanese woman writers

Season 1

  • EP00 | We once lived in an era when discussing gender was difficult
  • EP01 | The secrets of Eileen Chang’s 14 boxes of heirlooms
  • EP02 | “I’m not assaulting, I’m creating” Ethical questions of digital violence
  • EP03 | Korean Wives, Hong Kong Wives Interns: beginning of the pink bubble, or disillusionment?
  • EP04 | We are not just one identity: Queer indigenous intersectionality
  • EP05 | Deprived of integrity and physical dignity: Experiences of women political victims under the White Terror
  • EP06 | Does the law discriminate against single people?
  • EP07 | Group prostitution outing: They are not just buying sex, also love
  • EP08 | Sex support is life support: Sexual desire of disabled people
  • EP09 | It’s not “Neither man nor woman”—it’s “Can be man or woman”: Understanding transgender
  • EP10 | Are feminists on the ballot? Who do “women’s quotas” protect?